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Our hemp provides a superior bedding system that you and your animals will appreciate. 

Lining your animal’s or pet’s enclosure with our high-quality bedding is one of the best things you can do for their well-being and your wallet! 

Low-quality bedding can cause your animals to experience respiratory problems, as well as make clean-up a smelly and time-consuming process. In contrast, HEMPBILT™ Animal and Pet Bedding systems are hyper-absorbent, dust-free, 100% natural, cost-effective to use, and easy to clean up. 

  • Saves You Time and Money
  • Absorbs Moisture (Up to 4X its Weight) and Odor
  • Dust-Free
  • 100% Natural and Compostable
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal
  • All Natural and Sustainable


Hemp is a durable, naturally pest-resistant plant. This unique quality makes it easy to grow without the use of artificial insect repellents or synthetic fertilizers. 

HEMPBILT™’s Animal and Pet bedding comes from what’s known as the “hurd” (stalk) of the hemp fiber plant. It is mulched, separated, and filtered down to achieve the bedding’s softness, absorbency, and dustless straw-like texture.

Why HEMPBILT™ Animal and Pet Bedding is simply the best.

Saving you time and money

A little goes a long way. Each HempBilt™ bale weighs 33 pounds and expands to approximately 10 cubic feet of coverage when opened and installed properly. Given hemp’s ability to absorb up to 4X its weight in moisture, you’ll be able to replace it less often than other bedding systems made from wood or paper.

It’s hyper-absorbent and natural 

Cleaning out soiled and dirty enclosures can be a stomach-turning experience if the bedding is porous and nonabsorbent. Our hemp bedding absorbs twice as much as standard wood shavings and clumps up when it’s wet, making it easy for you to remove soiled areas while leaving a clean long-lasting bed behind. 

You and your pets will breathe easily 

Our dust-free hemp bedding is one of the most naturally produced animal beddings on the market! Unlike recycled paper bedding (which contains toxic phenols) and wood shavings (which can release acids over time), hemp bedding won’t cause damage to you or your animals’ respiratory system. 

It’s naturally pest repellent 

Hemp naturally repels mites, flies, and other small critters. To further prevent mite infestations (and improve the enclosure’s smell), you can spray the bedding with natural pesticides like eucalyptus, tea tree oil, or apple cider vinegar.  

It’s sustainable and biodegradable 

Able to be harvested as few as 120 days after planting from seed, hemp is an extremely fast-growing and renewable resource. As it grows, it enhances soil health by shading out weeds and adding diversity to crop rotations.

Plus, hemp bedding is biodegradable! Once soiled bedding is removed, it can go directly into your compost.

Your animals deserve the best, why not give it to them? Next time you need animal bedding, consider this highly effective and environmentally friendly option. Your animals, pets, and pocketbook will thank you.

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